venue denies sikh student entry because of turban

Some news out of the University of Virginia... Last weekend, a Sikh student was reportedly denied entry into a local restaurant for refusing to remove his turban at the door: X-Lounge denies University student entry because of turban.

The student was trying to attend a party hosted by the Indian Student Assocation, of which he is a member. But the doorman at the X-Lounge wouldn't let him in "with that thing on," citing the restaurant's 'no head covering' policy.

Sikhs wear turbans in accordance with their faith. This, of course, didn't mean anything to the doorman or restaurant manager, who said they couldn't distinguish whether the headwear was for "religious or gang use."

These events are surprising to hear, because bouncers and bar managers are usually known for their cultural sensitivity. I can't remember the last time a bouncer acted like an asshole to me. No, wait. Oh yeah. All the time.

The Indian Student Association complained to the management, who --surprise, surprise -- weren't very responsive. ISA is now working with other student groups to refuse to officially hold events at the X-Lounge until the venue issues a sufficient apology.

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