you're damn right she's english proficient

A little more on the good news we heard the other day... Lori Phanachone, the Laotian American high school honor student in Iowa who faced suspension for refusing to take the school district's mandatory English language exam, will indeed be reclassified as an English proficient student. Here's the press release from AALDEF:
Honors student previously disciplined for protesting English Language Learner testing

New York, NY – In a welcome but abrupt about face, Storm Lake School District has reclassified Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) client Lori Phanachone as English proficient and restored her National Honor Society membership. After stripping the 3.98 GPA student's National Honor Society membership for refusing an English Language Learner (ELL) test, the school district has met AALDEF's demand to restore her membership. The district has also met AALDEF's demand to reclassify Ms. Phanachone as English proficient.

Khin Mai Aung, Ms. Phanachone's attorney at AALDEF, said: "Storm Lake is finally moving in the right direction by reclassifying Lori as English proficient, and restoring her hard earned National Honors Society membership. We are thrilled about this development, but continue to seek assurances from Storm Lake on other pending matters.” "

Ms. Phanachone was mislabeled an ELL for naming Lao as her home language, without an English proficiency assessment, when she moved to Storm Lake two years ago. Ms. Phanachone has since been subjected to yearly ELL testing while excelling in advanced courses taught in English. This year, she boycotted a yearly ELL test in protest, resulting in a 3- day suspension, exclusion from extracurriculars and loss of her National Honor Society membership.

Lori Phanachone said: "We still need a lot of answers, but I feel really good that my academic honors have been restored, and I no longer have to worry about being classified as an ELL."

Among other things, the following demands by AALDEF are still pending with Storm Lake School District:

* Remove all references to Lori Phanachone's suspension and other disciplinary action from her school records;
* Assure in writing that it will not impose further disciplinary action on her;
* Clarify Storm Lake's procedures for classifying students as ELL upon enrollment; and
* Explain how and why Lori Phanachone was initially classified as an ELL under Storm Lake's classification procedures.
Thank you, Storm Lake. Turns out, you can actually speak an entirely different language at home and still be completely proficient in English. suspension and other disciplinary action You rule, Lori Phanachone. As the statement says, hopefully this also means that all references to her suspension and other disciplinary action will be removed from her school records. And let's also hope that Storm Lake seriously rethinks its criteria for who should and shouldn't be classified as an English Language Learner.

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