racists go together

Heard about this from various sources, including Jeff Yang, who posted an off-topic rant at the Secret Identities blog, as well as over at Asian Pacific Americans for Progress: Today's Worst Asian American in the World: Marcus Epstein.

Rep. Tom Tancredo has been one of the most vocal, nasty naysayers of Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor, questioning her involvement in the Hispanic American advocacy organization National Council of La Raza, which he has referred to as -- I'm not making this up -- a "Latino KKK without the hoods and nooses." Right.

This is from a guy who has basically spent most of his legislative career trying to make the America the most hostile place possible for any and all immigrants, calling immigration an issue of "whether we will survive."

The same guy who called Miami "a third world country" because of the number of Latinos there, criticized presidential candidates for "pandering" by participating in a Spanish-language debate, and accused immigrants of "pushing drugs, raping kids, and destroying lives." Yes, he said all this.

But here's the kicker, coming from one of Tacredo's own... a guy named Marcus Epstein, a former Tancredo speechwriter who now works as executive director of Tacredo's political action committee. Epstein, who is half-Korean and half-Jewish, was arrested for assaulting a Black woman, calling her "n*gger" and delivering a "karate chop" (wtf?) to her head: Tancredo Aide Pleads Guilty to Karate Chopping Pedestrian, Calling Her 'Nigger'.

That's racist! Seriously. Who the hell is this guy? Epstein has apparently pled guilty and will be sentenced on July 8. Talk about deserving a place in the hall of shame. Read all about it from Jeff on the Secret Identities blog: OFF TOPIC: WTF MARCUS EPSTEIN WTF? I'm with you, Jeff. WTF, indeed.

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