that dumbass kfc "grilled" commercial

I've been hearing from a bunch of folks about some wack KFC commercial, but haven't really been able to catch in on TV. But I guess that's what YouTube is for. Here is the commercial in question, and indeed, it's really idiotic: KFC Commercial - Fried vs. Grilled - "Multicultural" commercial (WTF???) (Thanks, John).

As you can see, it features folks of varying size, shape and color debating the merits of fried versus grilled chicken... including two Asian dudes dressed in ethnic costume for no apparent reason. Seriously, everyone else in the commercial is dressed "normally," but these two Asian dudes -- speaking in heavily accented Engrish, for good measure -- are going full Oriental.

What is the reasoning behind this? Once again, the Asian guys serve as the funny foreign element in the commercial -- looking, speaking, and at the end the of the spot, dancing like silly-ass fools. That's racist!. I don't know, perhaps KFC would like to hear from you about this. Customer contact info here.

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