john yoo's awkward moment

"Torture Memo" author John Yoo recently experienced an uncomfortable little incident when a prankster interrupted one of his lectures at Chapman University School of Law. I kind of love this Gawker headline: John Yoo Briefly Disturbed By Consequences of His Actions.

It's all on video. When Yoo mentions the Constitution during his lecture, and asks the students if he has any questions, the comedian, dressed in the now-iconic black hooded robe, stands up on the desk and asks "Uhm, how long can I be required to stand here 'til it counts as torture?"

Yoo, trying to keep it cool, promptly ends the lecture and gets the hell out of there. But he does let the prankster know he'll give him a few moments before calling security. Sorry, professor -- was that awkward? Maybe even a little awkward? But surely not torture.

I'm generally not a fan of these prankster ambush setups... but you gotta admit, it feels pretty good to see Yoo squirm a bit. More here: Author of Torture Memos Pranked in Classroom. And here: John Yoo Pranked by Australian Comedy Team.

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