man walks across america. because he loves america.

This is an interesting story from The Dallas Morning News about 40-year-old Sinh Tho Nguyen, an Army and National Guard veteran who has made it his personal mission to walk across the United States to honor America and its troops: Fort Worth man puts heart, soles into message with walk across America.

Nguyen, who moved to Texas after growing up in Vietnam, is about 1,000 miles into his journey and arrived in Dallas-Forth Worth on Wednesday -- a pit stop for one week before resuming his walk across America. He's not getting paid or raising money for a cause. It's just his way of saying thanks to America and its troops.

He started his 2,600-mile journey in Atlantic Beach, Florida, and hopes to make it to San Diego by Thanksgiving. Nguyen always carries an American flag and has a sign strapped to his back displaying the message: "Shore to Shore: A Walk Across America to Honor Those Who Serve." Did I mention that this guy really loves America?

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