suspect in attacks on asian women commits suicide

Thomas Parker, the suspect who was arrested in San Diego this week for a string of attacks targeting Asian women, has reportedly committed suicide. He was found dead in his jail cell this morning: Man accused in home-invasion series commits suicide.

Parker was arrested after a woman -- who happened to be a marathon runner -- fought off an attack in her garage and chased him down the street. She flagged down others driving nearby and an off-duty Border Patrol agent stopped at a traffic light joined in the chase and arrested Parker.

According to police, Parker was linked through DNA and other evidence to a series of similar home-invasion robberies and sexual assaults over the past year. He was expected to be arraigned Monday on charges in connection with seven assaults, six of which targeted Asian women, police said.

Rather than face the lawful consequences of his alleged crimes, the guy apparently decided to take his own easier way out by hanging himself. More here: Serial Sex Assault Suspect Commits Suicide in Jail.

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