channelapa's east coast tour

This tribute video, from our friends at ChannelAPA and Blacklava, highlights a bunch of Asian American artists and entertainers doing their thing and making it happen on the East Coast: channelAPA.com East Coast Tour.

They include Heather Park, Audio Fiction, Triangle Offense, Johnnyphlo, The Notorious MSG, Dave Boyle, Rik Cordero, Teresa Lee of Paperdoll, Taiyo Na, Cynthia Lin, Decipher, Ellie Lee of seoulbeats/aatheory, Misnomer(S), Jen Kwok, Air Tabigue, Jordan White of Racebending, Cliff Chiang, Jeff Yang, Jerry Ma, Deep Foundation, Alfa, Gary King, and Choz Belen.

I'm assuming there's more to come...

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