congressman mike honda on arizona's sb 1070

Here's a good Huffington Post piece by Rep. Mike Honda, weighing in on the dangers of Arizona's SB 1070. As a Japanese American who spent part his childhood in an internment camp, the congressman knows a little something about scapegoating and racial profiling: Arizona Law Normalizes Racial and Ethnic Profiling.
As a Japanese American who spent part of my childhood in an internment camp, I know all too well the effects of scapegoating and racial profiling. I suffered through what happens when governments pass policies based on fear and misguided attempts at law and order.

This law is un-American as it unjustly targets communities of color, in particular immigrant communities, which have been critical to the economic growth of our country throughout our nation's history.

The law's enactment also demonstrates the urgent political and moral imperative for the federal government to act now on comprehensive immigration reform.
Rep. Honda notes that this is not just a Latino or Hispanic issue -- comprehensive immigration reform is particularly important for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. It's an issue that does deeply affect our community. Congruess has to pass comprehensive immigration reform, or it's going to get even crazier than Arizona.

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