the top ten asian american rappers of all time

This list naming the Top 10 Greatest Asian-American Rappers of All Time, by David Fung, has been making the rounds. I love lists like this -- whether you agree with it or not, it's certainly food for thought. I might have swapped out a few names for others, but hey, it ain't my list:

10. Dumbfoundead
9. Southstar (formerly of Smilez and Southstar)
8. Bambu (formerly of Native Guns)
7. Roscoe Umali
6. Geologic aka Prometheus Brown (of Blue Scholars)
5. apl.de.ap (of The Black Eyed Peas)
4. Far East Movement (Group)
3. Chan aka Snacky Chan
2. Mountain Brothers
1. Jin

Inspired by this list, Jin put together his own track, "The A List," paying tribute to all the artists on the list, and then some. I just think it's awesome that someone can put together such a solid group of Asian American emcees who are making it happen right now. I'm not so sure you could've made such a list ten years ago. And it's only getting better.

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