headed to the midwest

Hey everybody, I'm hitting the road and doing some traveling, so my schedule's going to be a little wacky this week. Don't know what my regular updates are going to look like, so I appreciate your patience.

The good news is, I'm embarking on a tour, sort of, to hang out with my people in the Midwest -- Indiana and Illinois, at least. I'll be making stops at Purdue University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Northwestern University.

On Tuesday, I will be participating in the New Communities Symposium at Purdue University, bringing together a number of Asian American scholars and artists from a variety of disciplines. I'll be on a panel, "Bridging Asian American Media Texts," with Ryan Suda, Kent Ono and Vincent Pham. For more information, go here.

On Wednesday, I'll be visiting a couple of classes -- "Introduction to Asian American Studies" and "Introduction to Asian American Popular Culture" -- and meeting with students for a talk and workshop at the University of Illinois, along with Ryan Suda and Goh Nakamura. I don't actually have too much information about this visit, but I'll be there. I'll post the details when I get them.

On Thursday, April 15, I'll be headed to Evanston to speak with students at Northwestern University. Also not super clear on the details for this event, but I've been told it will take place at 7:30pm in University Hall 122. Please come out! I'm just excited to hanging out back at my alma mater. Go Wildcats!

And finally, on Saturday, April 17, I will be attending Originating Moments, Envisioning Futures: Asian American Studies and Communities, a symposium celebrating 10 years of Asian American Studies at Northwestern. I'll be co-moderating the panel "Using the Media, Surviving the Media." Really looking forward to this.

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