dnc condemns racist anti-halter campaign ad

Remember that crazy racist political ad out of Arkansas I posted last week? Paid for a group called Americans for Job Security, it exploits xenophobic anxieties about outsourcing and the economy to attack Bill Halter, Democratic candidate for Senate. This week the Democratic National Committee issued a state condemning the ad:
DNC Chairman Tim Kaine Condemns Americans for Job Security Ad in Arkansas Campaign

Washington, DC - DNC Chairman Tim Kaine today called on Americans for Job Security to pull down a television ad attacking Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter that depicts South Asians in a stereotypical and racially-charged manner.

"A television ad currently in Arkansas attacking Lt. Governor Bill Halter is offensive, plays on voters' fears, and perpetuates negative stereotypes. I condemn it in the strongest possible terms. No matter what the stakes are in an election, there is no place for this type of offensive and divisive advertising, period.

"Senator Blanche Lincoln has rightly condemned this ad and Americans for Job Security and its backers should immediately pull it off the air and remove it from their website. They should also apologize for this wrongheaded and offensive material."
I still can't believe there were people out there who were completely cool with this ad. I can't believe that there were South Asian "actors" out there who willingly participating in this stereotypical, racially-charged nonsense. More here: With a Provocative Ad, Another Business Group Backs Lincoln in Arkansas.

It should be noted that Halter's opponent, Senator Blanche Lincoln, has gone on record condemning the ad and calling it offensive: Lincoln condemns third party television ad. (Though I doubt you'll see her going out on a limb to actually dispute any of the claims made against Halter.)

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