multicultural crayons: eight skin colors in one box!

Don't know how long these have been around, but I've been seeing this get passed around over the last couple of days.. Is your kid having trouble getting that right shade of skin in his coloring book? Then he/she needs a big ol' box of Multicultural Crayons! From Crayola. Here's the description from the website:
Crayola Large Multicultural Crayons come in an assortment of skin hues that give a child a realistic palette for coloring their world.

These thick crayons are easy to grip -- perfect for little hands. The crayon colors are: black, sepia, peach, apricot, white, tan, mahogany, and burnt sienna. Each individual crayon is 4" long and 7/16" in diameter.
I won't lie. When I was kid, I was a bit of a stickler for some versimilitude in my crayon art -- including skin color. You never saw anyone with purple skin in my early masterpieces. I actually could've used these damn things back in the day.

But packaging "flesh" tones all together in a "multicultural" box like this is just... bizarre. And that's it -- just eight? At least they didn't give the colors ridiculous names like "African," "Chinese," or "Puerto Rican" or something. What color are you? I think I'm peach.

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