steven chu is trying to save the world

The Atlantic has a nerdy but awesome interview with Energy Secretary Steven Chu, whose team advised BP to use high-energy gamma ray imaging technology to assess the extent of the damage to the leaking oil well in the Gulf: Exclusive: How Steven Chu Used Gamma Rays to Save the Planet.

Speaking of Secretary Chu, he is one of the fifteen candidates selected by the Huffington Post as an Incredible Doer. Readers can submit questions for their favorite candidates, and the person with the most questions will be interviewed by the HuffPost.

As I write this, Chu is currently in second place with 27 questions, behind James Cameron. Come on! Like we really need to hear any more from Cameron. Your movie about the blue people made a bajillion dollars. Yay. Steven Chu is trying show us how to save the world. Ask him a question here.

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