dj qbert in dj hero 2

Hell yeah. DJ Qbert -- hands down, one of the greatest turntablists of all time -- has reportedly been confirmed to appear in Activision's DJ Hero 2 video game: DJ Qbert Confirmed To Spin In 'DJ Hero 2.' Kind of a no-brainer, right?
"I'm excited about finally getting to bring the art of turntablism's defining skills, as well as two exclusive mixes, to DJ Hero 2," Qbert, whose real name is Richard Quitevis, said in a press release. "It's been a dream of mine as a gamer to battle myself on the turntables and now millions of fans around the world and their friends will get their chance to also."

Activision reciprocated Qbert's sentiments with an explanation of why the Filipino-American turntablist was chosen.

"As a pioneer of his craft, DJ Qbert's one-of-a-kind scratch and battle skills made him an amazing partner and prefect representative of 'DJ Hero 2''s new multiplayer modes, especially the unique DJ vs. DJ battle mixes," Activision's VP of music affairs Tim Riley explained. "We're bringing together the biggest and best DJ's from around the globe, having already announced Deadmau5 and David Guetta as part of our incredibly talented crew, and having DJ Qbert cut up records in his signature style will help us put an indelible stamp on the 'DJ Hero 2' soundtrack."
DJ Hero 2 is set for release this fall. Here's the press release from Activision: Turntable Legend DJ Qbert to Join the Distinguished Crew of Mixologists for DJ Hero(R) 2. By the way, I'm told that Qbert is currently in the top ten in the poll for America's Best DJ. Vote for him here. (Thanks, Eric.)

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