I am not cool enough for this eatery: xiao ye by eddie huang

Just read this recent Gothamist post on chef Eddie Huang and his recently opened bar/restaurant Xiao Ye, which "straddles hip Asian college student concept and eyebrow-raising racial joke": New Restaurant and Bar Radar.
Even better is Huang's "Everything But the Dog Meat" dish of pork belly, ox tail, pork ribs, and beef short ribs, which is apparently served in an actual dog bowl. The self-taught Huang often approaches his Taiwanese dishes with an interesting twist, claiming to finish braises with cherry cola instead of water, and use crushed Cheetos and cheese doodles in place of panko breadcrumbs. Finally, finish your meal off with beer served in red metal Dixie-like cups or alcoholic punches served in large fish bowls; "Quarter Punch" mixes rum with 50 Cent's vitamin water, and "The Hawaiian" mixes rum with stirred, Hawaiian punch.

Eater NY describes the "rectangular space" as "reminiscent of BaoHaus, but with a full bar, and several booths and tables with stools, plus a big wall full of funny, personal photos of Eddie and his friends and family, kind of like something you'd find on his blog." And once the liquor really starts flowing, Thrillist reports the restaurant provides a graffiti-style marker so customers can "draw hot neon colored titties on the wall." Good times!
Not sure how crazy I am about a restaurant about a restaurant with a dish called "Trade My Daughter For Fried Chicken," no matter how good it is. Sounds way too cool and/or obnoxious for my simpleton tastes.

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