new korematsu institute report: domestic dignity

Got this press release from the Asian Law Caucus... The Koreamatsu Institute for Civil Rights and Education recently released a new human rights report, "Domestic Dignity: Human Rights in Asian American."

The study, released last month during the Advancing Justice Conference, underscores how human rights strategies, values and language can strengthen and transform domestic social justice work in U.S. immigrant communities:
"This report is part of an important conversation on how the human rights framework can be an effective organizing and communications tool for emerging leaders in immigrant communities," said Mina Titi Liu, Executive Director of the Asian Law Caucus, a member of the Asian American Center for Advancing Justice.

Synthesizing interviews with nearly 30 activists and leaders in the Asian American community, the report explores the key opportunities and challenges that face advocates who deploy a human rights framework in their social justice work.

On one hand, the human rights framework has the potential to be a compelling resource for immigrant activists, who bring with them deep experience and expertise on human rights campaigns; on the other hand, for activists from communist regimes in Asia, human rights concepts can be alienating.

"Fred Korematsu took a stand to defend the constitutional and human rights of all during a time of war. Nearly 70 years later, his legacy is more relevant than ever. For that reason, the Korematsu Institute has released Domestic Dignity to explore how human rights framework can further advance the fight for social justice," said Ling Woo Liu, director of the Korematsu Institute.
This sounds like it could serve as a valuable resource for Asian American social justice advocacy groups. For more information on the report, and to download a full copy of "Domestic Dignity," go to the Korematsu Institute website here.

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