aarti is the next food network star!

Well all right! I don't know if you've been watching The Next Food Network Star, but here's some cool news. During tonight's season six finale, food blogger Aarti Sequeira was crowned the winner. To be fair, I think it could have gone to any of three finalists -- they were all pretty great. But in the end, Aarti came out on top! The L.A. Times recap:
But Herb and Tom just couldn't outshine Aarti's sparkle. From the beginning, she had a relaxed, humorous style, and it certainly doesn't hurt that she still manages to be sexy in a way that won't turn off viewers. (Brianna, take note.)

She stood out from Day One for good reason. Her blog, her food videos and her background as a journalist made her a natural in front of the Food Network camera. Her biggest problems came from within: she was rattled by self doubt. She kept wondering whether she was good enough, smart enough, talented enough, blah blah blah. It got so bad that the judges wondered whether she would be too needy if chosen. That was Aarti's wake-up call.

Still, at the end, while the three finalists were watching their demos, Aarti seemed a bit anxious and fretful, while Tom and Herb were plenty happy to high-five and preen about how well they did. (And deservedly so.)

So Aarti, let's put those nerves to rest once and for all: You're a star. Own it!
From the very beginning, she's been a cute, funny and likable -- Food Network could really use someone like her. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her on TV. Congratulations, Aarti! More here: 'The Next Food Network Star': Let's Paarti!

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