coffee party convention, september 24-26

Hey! Concerned Americans! You are invited to the Coffee Party Convention, a three-day gathering of some of America's most respected thinkers and most innovative organizers coming together and collaborating to take on leadership in this critical chapter of our nation's history. It's happening September 24-26 in Louisville, Kentucky. Here's a video message from Annabel Park, inviting you to take part:

Here's some more information:
Restoring American Convention

September 24-26

Galt House Conference Center
140 North 4th Street
Louisville, KY

We have participants and guests coming from all over the country to join our mission to counter the alienating hyper-partisanship undermining our political process, and address the serious problems facing our nation today. Please view our convention schedule here: http://www.democracymeetup.com/schedule/

By coming together in Louisville, we will lay the groundwork for a lasting movement to revitalize civic participation and restore balance to our political discourse.

Featured Events & Speakers:

"Mock Constitutional Convention" chaired by Lawrence Lessig, Founder of Change Congress & Professor at Harvard Law School and Mark McKinnon, communication strategist for John McCain and George W. Bush. This is a response to the "Citizens United" Supreme Court Decision and other constitutional issues. You can submit and discuss amendments here: http://convention.ideascale.com/

"Across the Political Divide: A Transpartisan Dialogue" a round table comprised of members of various political parties moderated by Joseph McCormick

"What can we do for our country?" a transpartisan round table moderated by Linda Killian

"Tune into America" a concert featuring songs written for the Coffee Party movement.
Other Confirmed Participants: Frances Moore Lappé, Dave Rauschkolb, Lt. Dan Choi, Johnny 5 of Flobots
Check out this recent blog post on the Coffee Party USA website: Annabel Park's Video Invite to the Coffee Party Convention Sept. 24-26 in Louisville, KY. For further information, including registration, guest bios, and the full schedule, go to the Coffee Party Convention website here.

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