san francisco hospital accused of discriminatory hiring practices against filipino nurses

Yesterday in San Francisco, the California Nurses Association filed a grievance with the California Pacific Medical Center, accusing the hospital of discriminating against Filipino nurses at its St. Luke's campus: Nurses accuse Pacific Medical Center of bias.

The nurses union also called on the San Francisco Human Rights Commission to investigate the hospital. Job statistics suggest that Filipino nurses have been increasingly shut out from being hired at St. Luke's over several years. Emil Guillermo's got the numbers:
The union provided compelling evidence which included signed statements by former managers and current job stats, that suggests Filipinos are being unfairly discriminated at the St. Luke's campus.

From numbers provided by CPMC, the numbers are revealing. Before the take-over of the hospital in 2007 the Filipino RNs at St.Luke's were 66 percent of the nursing population.

Between 2007 and 2008, just 48 percent of new hires were Filipino.

From Feb. 2008, when the nurses union and the community organized to stop the closure of St.Luke's, to the present, the percentage of new RN hires who were Filipino dropped dramatically to just 10 percent.

They didn't all just give up their RN credentials and take jobs as Wal-Mart greeters.
More here: California nurses call for investigation of alleged discriminatory hiring practices against Filipinos at SF's St.Luke's hospital. The nurses union also produced signed affidavits from two former nurse supervisors who said they were discouraged from hiring Filipinos or "foreign graduate nurses."

Of course, hospital officials are denying the nurses union's claims, calling them "ridiculous." No, you know what's ridiculous? The number of the new Filipino nurse hires at the hospital dropping that dramatically just one year. That's a hell of a coincidence. Were managers really discouraged from hiring Filipinos? That's racist! More here: California Nurses Assn. files suit alleging discrimination against Filipinos at Bay Area hospital.

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