new music: "redemption" by seriously

Just wanted to let you know that our good friends in the rock and roll band Seriously have released their new song "Redemption", the fourth tune off the On Your Mark single release campaign from Chaos Theory Music. Here's some background information about the song:

Lyrically crafted by bassist Nathan Park, "Redemption" is Nathan's plea to God during a difficult period in his life. "I sought fulfillment in all the wrong places, only to be left feeling emptier than ever," Nathan describes. "It was only in my humility and brokenness that I realized His promise for deliverance stands strong, and His redemptive plan is indeed what I had been searching for all along."

Inspired by Nathan's lyrics, the band worked collectively to bring those words to life through the music and melodies. "Redemption" is replete with heavy Muse and Coldplay undertones ranging from bass-and-drum driven melodies to ambient guitar textures. The chorus, also Muse-inspired, is characterized by soaring and anthemic vocals and bridged with quieter verses to symbolize the song's message of introspective realization.
"Redemption" is available for purchase through iTunes and most digital distribution outlets. You can also preview the song on Seriously's Sonicbids page, under "Audio." For more information on Seriously and their music, check the band's website here.

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