your halloween costumes

Last week, I put a call out for to send in photos of your cool Halloween costumes. I mostly received a bunch of cute kid photos. Not that there's anything wrong with that. This one above arrived simply labeled "Born the Year of the Ox." Here are some more:

Lily Tang (aka Tiger Lily)

5-year-old Ethan in his homemade Link costume.

4-year-old Erin as sushi, circa long time ago.

5-year-old Lucas as the Mad Hatter.

Garrett's giant baby dressed as a SF Giants baby.

Fierce Jedi from the House of Yang.

Yoda won this duel.

Here's Justin as a Rubik's Cube, sandwiched by Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus.

Here's Wyatt as Yao Ming, height-enhanced to 6'8" with the help of some plastic paint buckets screwed to his shoes. Ten more inches and he could have gone head-to-head with the real Yao.

And finally, my favorite. Aaron Takahashi as Kim Jong Il, and Elizabeth Ho as his pet panda. If you were the North Korea dictator, you'd have a panda too.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo. If anyone else feels like sharing their tasteful, totally appropriate Halloween costume photos, send it my way, and I'll post them up again tomorrow.

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