new music: glory by jaeson ma

Glory, the new album from pastor Jaeson Ma, is now out and available for purchase. Nearly two years in the making, it's a Christina/gospelalbum, all inspirational spoken word with a pop production. Here's a YouTube video with the title track, "Glory", featuring Caleb Lin:

Eight tracks, featuring the likes of Bruno mars, Calista Wu, Steph Jones, Christina K and Joseph Vincent. Here's the track listing:
. Passion (ft. Calista Wu)
2. Life (ft. Steph Jones)
3. Love (ft. Bruno Mars)
4. Glory (ft. Caleb Lin)
5. Intimacy (ft. Joseph Vincent)
6. Peace (ft. Christina K)
7. Miracle (ft. Christina K)
8. Gratitude (ft. Joseph Vincent)
To purchase the album, go to Big Cartel here or get it on iTunes here. You can also download it from Amazon here. And more from Jaeson Ma and the story behind Glory, visit his website here.

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