vote for ada on the biggest loser

I haven't been following NBC The Biggest Loser very closely this season, but lots of people have told me about one of the contestants, Ada Wong, 27, from San Francisco, CA, who has been a solid contender on the ranch.

Her personal story and glimpses into her personal life reveal a strained relationship with her family. Basically, she shared how her family often makes her feel like a failure. Fellow Asian Americans, you were probably feeling this on some level. Here's her bio:
Ada has struggled with weight her entire life, and was shy growing up in Gilroy, California, with her younger brother and parents, who emigrated from China. Ridiculed about her weight and with no encouraging and supportive people around her, she turned to food for comfort. As she went through her school years, her personality blossomed and she excelled as a student. Her hard work continued at the University of San Francisco, where Ada earned a bachelor's degree in business administration with a focus on international business. Now 27 years old and 258 pounds, Ada hopes losing weight will allow her to feel more confident, feel good about her life, and finally be happy. She looks forward to shopping for clothes when she loses weight, as well as snowboarding, rock climbing and even running a marathon.
Last episode, during the season's penultimate weigh in, Ada fell below the yellow line, which means she is not guaranteed a spot in the finale. However, your vote could get help her get into the top three, and a shot at the title of Biggest Loser. You can cast your vote for Ada here. The results will be revealed on the The Biggest Loser season finale on December 14.

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