the badass barber of anchorage

This is a crazy and kind of awesome story out of Alaska... In Anchorage, Heng Song was cutting a customer's hair at his barber shop when an SUV crashed through the door and window, narrowly missing him and two customers.

Nobody got hurt, so it's all good. But here's the best part... When the dust cleared, and they got over the shock of the crash, Hang Song sat his customer back in the chair -- with the jeep still in the shop -- and finished the haircut: Anchorage barber keeps on clipping after crash.
The drama was caught by a security camera, and footage shows the SUV land fully inside the shop, where Song stood behind a man in the barber's chair and another customer sat waiting on a sofa in the corner. Time seems to stand still with everyone stunned, motionless, before Song stands with hands on hips and then points to the SUV.

No one was seriously hurt, although the driver got a bruised knee in the collision with the building. In the security footage, the waiting customer walks over to the vehicle to check on the driver and calls police.

Song laughed Thursday as the footage showed him soon return to the chair and continue the haircut, while in the background bystanders began to gather. There's no way he would let a loyal customer go home with a botched job, Song said.
Well, yeah! You can't leave the guy with half a haircut, car crash or not. And on top of that, the haircut was on the house. Hey, might as well. The driver, by the way, accidentally hit the gas pedal instead the brakes. More here, with video of the crash: Car slams into local barber shop.

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