best-selling women's nfl jersey: troy polamalu

Who do the ladies love? Or at least, whose football jeresey do they want to wear? Troy Polamalu, apparently. According to sales figures from NFLShop.com, the best-selling women's jersey is that of the mighty-maned Pittsburgh Steelers safety: The ladies love Troy Polamalu's jersey.
What makes Polamalu so popular among lady viewers? His sensitive and kind disposition? His unisex hairstyle? The fact that women can easily preview what their jersey will look like with long hair covering up the name?

Probably none of the above, actually. Polamalu is just as popular among men, as he has the best-selling jersey in that demographic, too. The Steelers are a popular team nationwide, and Polamalu's one of the faces of the franchise.
Polamalu apparently has the best-selling men's jersey too. And these numbers are probably going through the roof with the Steelers headed to the Super Bowl. Get yours here.

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