jay chou: not a replacement bruce lee

Here's a brief Movieline interview with Jay Chou, who plays Kato in the big screen Green Hornet movie hitting theaters this Friday. He makes it clear he was trying very hard not to emulate Bruce Lee: Jay Chou on The Green Hornet and Why He’s Not Replacing Bruce Lee. Also check out this two-minute featurette on Jay Chou:

That's co-star/writer Seth Rogen, co-writer Evan Goldberg and producer Neal Moritz talking about their take on the character of Kato, and what Jay Chou brought to the role. Basically, they praise him as the coolest dude in the movie. Fight stunt coordinator Jeff Imada also makes an appearance somewhere in there.

Relatively unknown stateside, Jay Chou pretty much an international pop music superstar in Asia -- and he beat out a lot of people for this role. Kicking much ass as the highly-skilled, ultra-cool half of this crime-fighting duo, American audiences will get to know him soon enough. The movie opens in theaters on Friday. Go here for more Green Hornet.

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