protest rally against japan's international child abductions

I was recently informed about the plight of Paul Wong, who is trying to bring to light how the Japanese government allows Americans kids in Japan to be legally separated from their American parent -- who have no say whatsoever. This usually occurs when grandparents or divorced spouses of Japanese citizenry take custody of the children.

In Paul's case, his wife, originally a Japanese citizen, died of an illness. You'd think Paul would then get custody of his daughter. However, his wife's parents forcibly but legally obtained custody over the child through the Japanese legal system. This left Paul with no way of getting custody or bringing her back to the United States. He's not even allowed to see her.

Japanese courts basically grant custody to the Japanese citizen in all child custody cases when a foreigner-parent is involved. There will be a protest rally this weekend, against what is essentially a Japanese policy in support of child abductions. It's happening Saturday, January 16 in front of the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco:

Sunday, January 16, 2011
2 pm to 4 pm
50 Fremont Street (in front of Japanese Consulate, San Francisco)

Japan is a safe haven for international child abductions. Since its sovereignty in 1952, Japan has NEVER returned a single abducted child to ANY foreign parent. The U.S. State Department knows of not one single case where an American abducted child has been returned to the American parent by the Japanese government. It is estimated that since 1992 over 3,700 American children in Japan have been denied the right to even see their American parent.

Enough is enough! This is not only happening to American children but to children of all nations. Japan stands alone with such an atrocious record on this issue. This is a human rights violation and a tragedy that must end now! Our U.S. Congress is sick of it and recently passed House Resolution 1326 condemning Japan for its international child abduction. It is time that we stand up and make our voices and the voices of innocent children be heard!

Please join us this Sunday (January 16) from 2 pm to 4 pm in front of the Japanese Consulate on 50 Fremont Street.

We want our children back!
Imagine being parent separated from your kid, with no course of action, and no power at all to get him or her back -- as a mandated by the Japanese government. This is a crazy situation, and it apparently happens far more often than most people realize. For more information about the protest rally, contact Pauline Kahney at pfkahney@mac.com.

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