kraft commercial: asian man as unexpected dinner guest

Hey look! Random Asian guy as the unexpected dinner guest in this Kraft Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese commercial. Solemn and silent, like a good Asian businessman. Seriously, Dad. Who brings home a client for dinner, unannounced? Not even a text! Luckily, Kraft Mac & Cheese was there to save the day:

Anyone recognize the actor? We get a good look at him sitting on the couch, but the view of his face is conspicuously obstructed by the kid's giant head in the dinner table shot.

I guess what actually makes this commercial rather noteworthy is that voiceover is performed by Ted Williams, the homeless man who gained some notoriety on the web with his "golden voice" An inspiring story! Unfortunately, I just read he recently had a run-in with police. (Thanks, Rob.)

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