save asian & asian american studies at csula

This is the situation, as I understand it. The Asian & Asian American Studies Program at Cal State Los Angeles is under attack.

Last month, CSULA Dean James Henderson announced his plan to suspend the program, citing that AAAS did not have sufficient majors, faculty support and community interest. Since the news broke, student, faculty and community groups have mobilized to express support for program and outrage over the Dean's decision. Here's the statement from SaveAAASCalState.com:
Cal State LA has long been known as one of the leading academic pioneers of area and ethnic studies in the nation. Now this long history of celebrating and honoring the diversity of both the campus and the city it resides in is under attack with the threat of dismantling the 6-year old BA program in AAAS at a time when the need for understanding an important ethnic community and a region of the world is growing. Between 25-30 % of Cal State LA's student population are Asian, more than half are Latinos. AAAS courses attract a broad spectrum of students. Cutting AAAS is an attack on the university's diversity and threatens the already tenuous support of the campus' Chicano, Latin American, and Pan African Studies programs as well.
Under the reality of shrinking budgets, it's not so surprising that ethnic studies programs would be among the first to fall under the administration's axe. The university can tout its stated mission of diversity all it wants, but when it comes to putting that into practice through the support of a legitimate program, it fails.

Losing the Asian and Asian American Studies Program would be a great loss not only to the CSULA community, but to the city of Los Angeles. Here are some things you can do to support the AAAS Program at CSULA:

* Sign the online petition

* Join & Like the Keep AAAS Facebook community for up-to-date news on student organizing.

* Gather signatures from students on campus by using the student petition template.

* Volunteer your time and skills to the cause by contacting the student organizers at KEEPAAASPROGRAM@GMAIL.COM.

* Write the CSU Chancelor, the President and Dean of the University expressing your concern and support by using this letter of support template.


* Write a letter of support to the CSU Chancelor, the President and Dean of the University.

* See what other organizations and concerned individuals have written on the Supporters page.
Be sure to sign the online petition: Keep AAAS at CSULA. And for further information and updates about the fight to save Asian and Asian American Studies at California State University of Los Angeles, and to hear from numerous voices of support from around the community, go to SaveAASCalStateLA.com.

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