state senator leland yee receives racist death threats over limbaugh remarks

More Rush Limbaugh-related bullshit... California State Senator Leland Yee has reportedly received racist death threats after demanding an apology from Limbaugh for his recent on-air mocking of the Chinese language: Rush Limbaugh Supporter Sends Leland Yee Death Threats.

According to his staffers, Yee received threatening faxes at both his Capitol and San Francisco offices. The messages contained racial slurs, violent threats against black and Asian people, and even an illustration depicting a pickup truck dragging a noose:
"FIGHTING The Marxist Nigger Thug Hussein Obama & Fish Head Leeland Yee

To: JoBama Rectum Sniffing Moron LEELAND LEE Achtung! Fish Head Leeland Lee. Rush Limbaugh will kick your Chink ass and expose you for the fool you are. Without exceptions, Marxists are enemies of the United States Constitution! Death to all Marxists! Foreign and Domestic!"

The faxes included an American-flag-adorned pickup truck dragging a noose.
Could the idiot responsible for these messages be any more stereotypically racist? I mean, seriously -- a picture of a f#@king pickup truck? Good for you, for summoning just enough brain energy to operate a goddamn fax machine. You can see an image of the actual fax here.

You might recall that Yee actually received similar threats last year when he demanded for Sarah Palin's speaking fee at California State University to be disclosed. It looks like this ignorant asshole is still at it. More here: Mayoral hopeful Leland Yee gets racist death threats.

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