video: indian robot action insanity

Been seeing this amazing video clip passed around left and right... A little while back, I posted the trailer for the Tamil sci-fi action flick Endhiran, which has been touted as the most expensive Indian film ever made. If you thought that was wild, take a look at this insane-ass 9-minute clip:

The movie is about a scientist who creates an android that goes haywire and threatens to destroy the world. And from what I can tell, it's pretty much the greatest thing ever. Well, maybe not quite as awesome as this clip. But Michael Bay ain't got nothing on S. Shankar. When can I watch this on Netflix?

By the way, this clip appears to be from a badly-dubbed Russian bootleg. Whenever there's any dialogue, the audio cuts out and we hear some the voice of some Russian dude, who sounds like he recorded it in his bedroom. I love it!

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