toronto school accused of neglecting child's injury

File under really mad Canadian dad... with good reason. In Toronto, one angry father is accusing staff at his daughter's elementary school of failing to adequately care for her after her leg was badly broken in a playground accident: School accused of neglecting injury.

6-year-old Irene Cao, a first grader at Princess Margaret Junior School, broke her leg in two places after colliding with another student on the playground. It was a pretty bad injury. And according to her father, it was made worse by the school's poor response and downright refusal to take action:
Cao said the schoolyard collision left his daughter on the ground, writhing in pain. He said Irene was told to "get up" and "hop on one foot" into the school by a lunch supervisor.

When that didn't work, said Cao, Irene was "dragged" by her underarms into the school by the lunch supervisor and an older student.

After receiving a call from the school, Chen arrived to find her daughter crying and screaming whenever anyone touched her leg.

She said school staff insisted it was not serious and urged her to take the girl home.

Cao arrived at the school shortly after his wife and said he begged office staff to call an ambulance.

"They said, 'We will not call'," he said, adding that one of the school's staff blocked the doorway into the main office when he tried to use their phone to call for help.

"They said, 'You can't use the school's phone to call 911'."

Cao used his cellphone to call. When he handed it over to a staff member to relay to the 911 dispatcher the school's address, the staff member told the dispatcher an ambulance wasn't needed.

Eventually, paramedics arrived, cut Irene's pants off of her swollen leg, and took her to the hospital.
Yo, a little girl's leg is broken. Maybe the school's staff didn't pick up on that from the piece of bone sticking out of her skin. The girl is crying there in agony and the office staff just figures she needs to go home?

The school district claims it never refused to call 911. If that's the case, then why did it so long for anyone to actually make the call on her behalf? Irene's father says he is considering legal action. More here: First-aid training inadequate at schools - lawyer.

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