vote for eliot chang in the comedy central standup showdown

A moment of your time, please. Standup comedian Eliot Chang is asking for your help. He's currently representing our people in the Comedy Central Standup Showdown 2011, where viewers can vote for their favorite half-hour special. Eliot it explains all in this video clip:

The competition is stiff, and to be honest, up against some of the "YouTube sensations" in the contest, Eliot's chances of winning are pretty slim. But if he can at least make it into the top 5 or 10, it's sure to raise his profile among Comedy Central execs and perhaps lead to bigger and better things.

That's where you come in. Vote for Eliot. You can vote online here or just text CHANG to 44686. You are allowed to vote once a day, now through Thursday, January 27, so vote as much as you can. And for more information on Eliot Chang and his comedy, check out his website here.

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