[10 angry years] free download: "angry asian man" by adam warrock

As I mentioned before, this month marks the tenth(!) anniversary of this blog. As part of the ongoing celebration, here's another unexpected tribute track, "Angry Asian Man" by self-described "comic book nerdcore rapper" Eugene Ahn, aka Adam WarRock. As a fellow nerd, I'm a fan of his work, and I'm honored that he was inspired to create this song and share it. Get it now as a free download:

Adam WarRock - Angry Asian Man (6.8 MB)

I first wrote about Adam WarRock last year when he released "Ira Glass," his hip hop ode to the host of public radio's This American Life. So you kind of get an idea of his usual vibe -- funny, smart and having a sharp eye for geeky pop culture. He regularly updates his blog with mixtape-style songs about comics, or TV shows, or whatever.

But "Angry Asian Man" is actually a bit outside of his usual material, because it's coming from somewhere a little more personal. Eugene tells me he was partially inspired by none other than Amy Chua, after being inundated with all the nonsense over the Tiger Mother book. This is his attempt to respond to it with some thoughtful expression. The instrumental is from Fort Minor's "Where'd You Go."

Good stuff! You can purchase Adam WarRock's debut album The War For Infinity from Bandcamp here. For more information about Adam WarRock and his music, check out his website here. (Thanks, Eugene.)

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