comedy central presents: hari kondabolu, february 11

Standup comedian and friend to the blog Hari Kondabolu gets his very own half-hour special on Comedy Central, airing Friday, February 11. Tune in, set your DVRs, and watch one funny guy doing his funny thing.

A few months back, I posted something about free tickets to Hari's live taping. This is that show, televised. If you were there, tune in and maybe you'll spot yourself in the audience! If you weren't there, tune in and see what you missed. Here's a preview:

Need more convincing? Hari approached several of his comedy colleagues to help him promote his special... with mixed results:

Hari asks his brother Dap and Das Racist for help.

Hari asks The Daily Show's John Oliver for help.

Hari asks Hannibal Buress for help.

Hari Kondabolu asks Ajay Naidu for help.

Hari Kondabolu asks Kristen Schaal for help.

Comedy Central Presents: Hari Kondabolu airs Friday, February 11 at 11:00pm. For more information about the show, go to the Comedy Central website here. For more on Hari and his comedy, check out his website here. Also be sure to read Sepia Mutiny's interview with Hari: Hari Gets Special.

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