fresh baked cookies delivered on a dangling string

Cookies! This was spotted on Laughing Squid last week: Cookies Sold by String Dangling From San Francisco Apartment Window. This is how Eve, Kathleen and Clem of Fat Cookies distribute their goods to the people of San Francisco. Fresh baked cookies delivered from their window -- on a string!

Alas, people always gotta hate on good ideas. The home grown business, which apparently started as a joke, quickly got the attention of a lot of people... including San Francisco Police, who promptly shut the cookie operation down: Busted! The Rise (and Fall?) of Fat Cookies.

Still, what a fun idea. Cookies, windows, hungry people on the street -- this is why I love America! Fat Cookies might have been shut down by the cops, but they promise to be back. For more information on Fat Cookies, check out their Facebook page here. And follow them on Twitter here.

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