furthering asianpacificamerican content in entertainment summit, march 20

Save the date... Next month in Los Angeles, MAPID and the Japanese American National Museum present Furthering AsianPacificAmerican Content in Entertainment Summit (FACES), a community-wide summit and expo for APIs in entertainment. It's happening Sunday, March 20 at the Japanese American National Museum. Here are some more details about the event:
MAPID and Japanese American National Museum

Furthering AsianPacificAmerican Content in Entertainment Summit

A Community Wide Summit and Expo for APIs in Entertainment

Sunday, March 20, 2011
Summit 12-2PM
Expo 2-4PM
Japanese American National Museum
George and Sakaye Aratani Central Hall

FACES Summit and Expo is a dialogue for the API community and its supporters.

APIs have gained international attention for their online presence and are breaking new ground in the recording industry. But APIAs are travelling to China to learn Mandarin with an eye on leaving Hollywood. While APIs have yet to gain significant power in Hollywood, it is thought that we were on the brink of never-before achieved success. At this critical juncture, what can the API community do to further insure API Content and Faces in entertainment?

Organizations will have the opportunity to listen and respond to its constituency and community, and artists will be able to share their needs and ideas. Those who have achieved a level of success can offer valuable insight on tactics. Together APIs can address the issues and brainstorm solutions. Arising out of this exchange, a galvanized and unified strategy can help further APIs in entertainment.

Organizational delegates from film/TV, theater/live event, music, literary, visual art, dance, studio, community, guilds, press, investors, agencies, and beyond are invited.

Individual artists are especially encouraged to apply.

Following the summit, an Expo will be held. Organizations will provide literature and food will be offered at the tables for one-on-one meets, greets, and eats. Some entities may accept material from individuals and attending organizations.

Due to space limitations, FACES is able to accommodate a maximum of 225 attendees for both the summit and expo. Application selection process is based on implanting a balanced cross-section of attendees.
(Those MAPID people really do love their acronyms, don't they?) So it sounds pretty interesting, like a conference/convention for API entertainment. I can get behind that. For more information, and for applications for organizations and individual artists to participate, go the MAPID website.

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