target is my kryptonite

Speaking of Target... Check out this local news story about Elizabeth Jayne Liu, who I've mentioned here a couple of times before. She's the shopaholic blogger behind Flourish in Progress, chronicling her efforts to go one year without shopping: Compulsive Buyer Tries To Go A Year Without Shopping.

She's not in debt, she's living fairly comfortably, and she didn't have to do it. But to mark the start of her thirties, this self-described compulsive shopper is living in self-imposed exile outside the mall, not buying anything (with a few odd, unreasonable exceptions).
She calls Target her "Kryptonite." So is it any wonder that Elizabeth JaYne Liu has a bit of a problem staying out of malls?

To that end, this self-described compulsive shopper decided to keep a blog and see if she could go one year without shopping.

She can buy food of course - and she is also allowing herself make-up, haircuts and the gym and charity... but no fast food, shoes, jewelry, clothing, DVDs, CDs, special coffees or home accessories.

Elizabeth said she decided to start the blog in September 2010, on her 30th birthday.
Before you dismiss Flourish in Progress as some kind of compulsive shopper's crazy-ass project (well, it kind of is), do give it a try. Her posts are thoughtful, provocative and amusing, and might just make you examine your own shopping habits. For more on Elizabeth and her blog, check out Flourish in Progress here.

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