angry reader of the week: big daddy yang

You know what time it is. Meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Big Daddy Yang, currently holding it down in China.

Who are you?
Big Daddy Yang. 2nd generation Chinese American hetero male with kind eyes, bright personality, in your face attitude and lots of chest hair.

What are you?
A former Philosophy/Asian American Studies Major at UCLA, UCLA Bruin, Facebook whore, Yelp Elite, Eagle Scout, Wannabe SAG member, Pop Culture buff, Loud, Abrasive, Crass, and White-washed sounding 6 Foot Chinese-American with a soul patch who is fluent in Chinese. MVC2 Player, winner of China's biggest reality TV dating show "If You're the One," and currently fighting for a spot to be Ashton Kutcher's new VP of Pop Culture for Pop Chips. My Tiger Mom ruined my youth... Let's make up for it! Please vote for me!

Where are you?
Currently at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center in Nanjing, China studying International Relations. If I'm not here in China being pushed around by grandmas with sharp elbows at the train station or fearing for my life every time I enter a cross walk... I'm either in the city of glitz and glam drivin' my dream car that is my black 2004 Toyota Stock Camera or eatin' stinky Tofu and Taiwanese pepper steak in a back alley in Taipei, Taiwan.

Where are you from?
In West Los Angeles born and raised..... Westwood Village and Santa Monica, CA is where I used to spend most of my days. (You know the rest...) Mr. and Mrs. Yang grew up in Taipei, Taiwan while my grandparents hail from Yunnan and Shandong Province in China. My older sister and I spent our early years growin' up in the Valley (Like for Sure) and later were raised in the 310.

What do you do?
Application Junkie... I sit in my room all day and update my Facebook status at least twenty times a day about useless information and interesting stories from Angry Asian Man, Chinasmack, and random shit my friends post up on their wall while annoying everyone on Facebook. True story. Actually, I just write a lot of fragments and run-on sentences as well. Oh yeah other than that I'm a grad student at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center studying international politics, econ, and law all in Chinese...

What are you all about?
Being myself, taking risks, putting myself out there, shattering stereotypes, respecting my parents, breakin' bamboo ceilings, playin' board games, my obscure 80's T-shirt collection, making fun of people, Facebook stalking, people watching, boba, beets, bears, Battlestar Galactica... Dropping pop culture on foolz, imitating people and poking others on Facebook... but most of all under promising and over delivering.

What makes you angry?
*Ugly ass white boys with attractive looking Asian girls
*Mediocrity. Those who fail once and never try again.
*People who tell me to "calm down" in an online conversation without ever seeing that I'm cool as a cucumber
*How there isn't any good Mexican food in China.
*Not seein' one single Asian male on MTV's the Real World (I'm beginning to think that Asian guys don't exist in the real world)
*People who complain about the shitty people in LA when in actuality it's people who move to LA who are the assholes and who buy into that LA image and become assholes as opposed to the LA natives who are there.
*Being discriminated as an American born Chinese when it comes to teaching English in China. Reverse racism sucks!
*Bein' nagged to death by my Hard-ass Asian Mom about not closing the window at night otherwise I will get arthritis when I get older. "If you don't listen to me now you will pay the price later."
* The China-bashing I see in American media and how China is portrayed as Evil Red Machine
*People who lay out in the sun all day without wearing any sunscreen on their face.
*Having to repeat geometry and chemistry in High school
* 12% unemployment rate, 10 % sales tax, $4 dollars at the gas pump, and over 60% divorce rate all in California and too many stats in one sentence.
*People who scream "Free Tibet" but have zero to little idea about the real issues
*Eczema and those who do not understand or know what that is.
* People from USC wearin' their SC shit clothes and standin in line at Diddy Reese.
*How the US is portrayed in the rest of the world as uncultured self-centered individuals.
*Bein' mistaken for Jon Gosselin, Korean, or Japanese all the time.
* People who say Hella every other sentence and those who say Hella who aren't even from the Yay area.
*Student loans, people who get money from their parents after they graduate from college, and tipping for shitty service just cause I have to.
* Bad kissers, manners, and most of all bad breath.
*Alpha males/females.
*Women who want equality but still want guys to pay for every single meal cause they are a girl and you're a guy.
*People who constantly ask me why I don't drink when I just tell them "I just don't."
*People who call it "Westminister" when it's really Westminster.
*When people call it "Bubble Tea" as opposed to Boba. There are no bubbles.
*People who call it Ranch 99. It's 99 Ranch... Get that shit right.

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