what happened to alan lin?

Didn't want too much time to pass before we heard again about the mysterious death of UC Riverside student Alan Lin, who was last seen at a bar before he went missing and his body was found floating in a channel off Newport Bay on February 13: Man left bar, was never seen alive again.

Last I heard, the autopsy concluded that he died of salt-water drowning, with no signs of any other trauma. But they were still waiting on results of toxicology tests, which can take up to twelve weeks. Meanwhile, at a memorial service last month, friends remembered his a happy, positive, upbeat guy:
More than 450 people gathered in the Crystal Cathedral's soaring sanctuary this past weekend, friends and family were there to celebrate Alan's life. Pictures flashed across a giant screen, showing Alan as a little boy blowing out birthday candles, a teenager mugging for the camera, a young man with his arms around friends.

"He gives us a good memory," said his father, Hong Zong Lin.

His friends talked about how he was always there with a word of support, about how they couldn't remember ever seeing him down or discouraged. They laughed about that crazy barbecue he rigged up to save a party. A professor from UC Riverside announced that the school plans to give Alan his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering in June.

The service closed with Alan's sister, Christine, speaking the words she said she never had a chance to tell her brother in life.

"Thank you for always being by my side. I love you," she said.
Alan's sister, Christine, is not convinced that his death was an accident, and believes that there's a strong possibility that foul play was involved. Not sure what's currently happening with the case. Authorities are apparently still investigating his death, but at point, there are just more questions than answers.

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