missing: uw student marizela perez, last seen march 5

In Seattle, friends, family and police searching for University of Washingotn student Marizela Perez, who was reported missing on Sunday. Relatives say she was last seen in the Rainier Beach neighborhood on Saturday, heading to the UW campus: Have you seen Marizela Perez? UW student missing.

According to the Perez's aunt and uncle, who she had been living with, a witness claims to have seen her at the Safeway on Brooklyn Avenue Northeast in the University District later that afternoon. She did not attend any of her classes Monday:
The family filed a missing-persons report Sunday with Seattle and UW police. They said Perez might have taken a Link light-rail train part way to the University District.

Edgar Perez said he called his daughter about 4 p.m. Saturday, but got no answer. Normally, he said, she calls back within five minutes, but he didn't hear back from her.

"If she's going to be late she always calls us," he said. He said he contacted Perez's boyfriend, and he hadn't seen Marizela either.

Lauro Mendoza said he last saw her at noon Saturday and expected her back at dinnertime.

"She always comes home on time," her uncle said. When she didn't return, Mendoza went to the UW campus Saturday night with his daughter and Perez's boyfriend to search for her.

"This is very hard on every member of the family," Mendoza said.
Perez is described as Asian, 5-foot-5, 110 pounds with a bob hairstyle. She has a tattoo on her left inner arm with the words "lahat ay magiging ma0ayos" -- Tagalog for "all will be well." She was wearing jeans and possibly carrying a plaid backpack with a laptop.

More here: Have You Seen This Missing UW Student? Anyone with information about Marizela's whereabouts is asked to contact the Seattle Police Department/UWPD or her family immediately. For more information, go to the Facebook page they've set up. And spread the word.

And yes, I'm aware that Marizela happens to be Michelle Malkin's cousin.

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