tribute to richard aoki, march 12

If you're in Los Angeles, here's a special screening you might want to check out... The Richard Aoki Tribute Committee presents a free film showing of Ben Wang and Mike Cheng's Aoki, a documentary on the life of pioneer Asian American activist Richard Aoki. It's happening Saturday, March 12 at Centenary Methodist Church in Los Angeles. Here are some more details about the event:
Commemorating His Life
Two Years in Passing

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Centenary Methodist Church
300 S. Central Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90012

"Based on my experience, I´ve seen where unity amongst the races has yielded positive results. I don´t see any other way for people to gain freedom, justice, and equality here except by being internationalist." - Richard Aoki

Richard Masato Aoki (1938-2009) dedicated his life to his beliefs and the struggle for human rights. He was a field marshal in the Black Panther Party, a founding member of the Asian American Political Alliance, a leader in the Third World Liberation Front Strike at UC Berkeley, co-ordinator for the first Asian American Studies program at UC Berkeley, and a counselor, instructor and administrator at Merritt and Alameda Colleges.
Sherwin Forte, one of the founders of the Oakland Black Panther Party, and Diane Fujino, author of Samurai Among Panthers: The Life and Times of Richard Aoki, will be present for a post-screening Q & A. And the first twenty-five people to arrive will receive a free Richard Aoki commemorative poster.

For more information about the screening, go to the Facebook event page here. And for more information about the documentary, go to the Aoki website here.

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