kdwb apologizes for hmong song. again.

Dave Ryan, radio host of the KDWB's morning show in Minnesota -- you know, the crew responsible for that racist song mocking Hmong people -- has issued yet another on-air "apology" for airing the parody last month: Dave Ryan apologizes for KDWB Hmong parody song AGAIN.

The station's first two apologies were really just non-apologies, taking the tried-and-true sorry-if-you-were-offended route. Any real apology needs to take responsibility and acknowledge wrongdoing, instead of putting it back on the listener. Is this more of the same? Here's their statement. You can also listen to it here.
My name is Michael Crusham and I'm the president and marketing manager of Clear Channel KDWB. Steve, Dave and I want to address the controversy concerning a song segment we aired on March 22. We recognize the song that day offended some of our listeners and those in our community -- especially those in the Hmong community.

Hi, It's Steve-O. We are very sorry for any pain and offense this song has caused. It was truly not our intention to cause hurt feelings. We recognize it was inappropriate to air this song. For that, we sincerely apologize.

And this is Dave Ryan. We've apologized twice before now, and some may feel that our previous apologies about this have been inadequate or insincere. To address those concerns we are apologizing again today to make it clear how we view this matter. We are truly sorry.

KDWB is a good organization and the people who work here are good people. KDWB and the show have always been and will continue to be deeply committed to our local communities. Our commitment extends directly to the Hmong community, who we know comprises of some of our most loyal listeners, and who we recognize brings great value and richness to Minnesota.

We want to have a civil dialogue about these issues that have been raised by this song segment. We're reaching out and engaging directly with members of the Hmong community because we want to work together to build a collaborative, productive and long-term partnership. And we believe working together in the spirit of civility, compassion, professionalism and cooperation is the best way to move forward. KDWB is committed to doing this and so is everyone here at the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show. Thank you.
Oh, I see. You sincerely apologize now? Funny, because I suspect that a commitment to "civility, compassion, professionalism and cooperation" were not on anyone's mind when they produced and aired that goddamn song. But thanks for clearing that up.

I guess KDWB was concerned that their sincerity wasn't properly conveyed in the first two apologies. That, and the fact that advertisers were walking away -- AT&T, Health Partners and Blue Cross have reportedly all canceled their ads with the KDWB. I'm sure that got station execs' attention. More here: Rally held to condemn KDWB Hmong parody song.

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