manny pacquiao is channeling bruce lee

This is largely an excuse to post this rad photo of Manny Pacquiao punching this dude's face in, but it's also noteworthy because it's a New York Times article about how the Filipino boxing sensation's signature style and rhythm draws inspiration from one of our heroes -- everybody's hero, really -- Bruce Lee: Pacquiao's Style Takes Inspiration From Bruce Lee.
Last month, as Pacquiao molded his style specific to Shane Mosley, his welterweight opponent on Saturday in Las Vegas, he wrapped his hands inside the dressing room at the Wild Card boxing gym here. To explain the way he fights, he settled on three words.

"Like Bruce Lee," he said.

Growing up in the Philippines, Pacquiao studied Lee, watching his movies on endless loops. He still often views his collector's set. "Enter the Dragon" is his favorite. His conditioning coach, Alex Ariza, says he believes Pacquiao built his baseline movement off Lee's template, the continual attacking, the feet drummed in and out.

"Bruce Lee jumped around and kicked his feet and shook his head and shoulders," Ariza said. "His feet moved in concert with his hands. He could be choppy, but he was rhythmic. Manny does the same thing. It comes from that."
Both are Asian men, both relatively small in stature, who kick some serious ass with incredible speed and skill. Is it really a surprise that Manny has watched Enter the Dragon more than just a few times?

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