video: dawen x jane lui x gerald ko - "I want it that way"

Hot off his monstrously popular Mandarin cover of Rebecca Black's "Friday," my man Dawen is back with another Chinese version of a guilty pleasure pop song, Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way," and this time he's enlisted the help of the super-awesome Jane Lui and Gerald Ko... who are probably wondering what the heck they got themselves into. Take a look:

Very fun, even you don't understand Mandarin. In fact, Jane and Gerald apparently aren't even Mandarin speakers, and actually took the time and effort to learn Dawen's translation/transliteration. Shenanigans. Always fun to see what happens when talented people get together with too much time on their hands.

For more music from these cool folks, check out Dawen's YouTube channel here, Jane Lui's YouTube channel here, and Gerald Ko's YouTube here.

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