stan lee launches superhero franchise for chinese fans

Can you imagine it: your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man shooting webs and swinging his way through the skyscrapers... of Shanghai?

Comic book legend Stan Lee has announced a new joint venture with a Hong Kong investment company to create a new superhero franchise aimed at Chinse and foreign audiences: Spider-Man creator eyes Chinese comic fans.
Lee's POW! Entertainment said in a statement issued on its website this week that the new company, Magic Storm Entertainment, will announce its first film project later this summer.

"I have been eagerly awaiting this great opportunity — a chance to combine the best of American superhero epics with the best of Chinese and Asian classical filmmaking for a motion picture that would be excitedly received worldwide," Lee said in the statement.
That sounds kind of cool, though it doesn't specify if the venture will involve classic Marvel Comics characters are entirely new ones.

Man, I would love to see Marvel superheroes re-imagined by Chinese filmmakers and stars. Can you imagine Spider-Man or the Fantastic Four adapted to the screen by, say, Stephen Chow? I can dream.

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