woman arrested for groping tsa agent

I travel a lot, so I've gone through my fair share of security checkpoints. I've been wanded. I've gotten the pat down. I've been through the crazy x-ray machine. But I've never seen this happen...

In Phoenix, a woman has been arrested for putting her hands on a Transportation Security Administration agent at Sky Harbor International Airport. You read that right. It usually happens the other way around: Woman Gropes TSA Agent's Breast at Security Checkpoint.

According to authorities, 61-year-old Yukari Mihamae of Longmont, Colorado grabbed the left breast of a female TSA agent at a security checkpoint, "squeezing and twisting" with both hands. I wonder what Ms. Mihamae was looking for. And I wonder if she found it:
Fox reported that court records show Yukari Miyamae, 61, squeezed and twisted the left breast of the agent Thursday at a security checkpoint.

An officer with the Phoenix Police Department said Miyamae was released Thursday on her own recognizance. She faces a charge of felony abuse.

Officers told Fox that Miyamae admitted to the crime, though they do not know why she touched the agent.

According to court records, Miyamae lives in Longmont and is self-employed. A neighbor told Fox 31 that he was shocked to hear of the report and that it was not like Miyamae.
I wonder what the hell that was about -- Mihamae apparently wasn't very forthcoming about why she did what she did. She now faces a felony count of sexual abuse. More here: Longmont woman arrested for allegedly groping TSA agent in Phoenix.

UPDATE: Facebook users who are obviously frustrated with the strict procedures of the Transportation Safety Administration have set up a Facebook page expressing their support for Mihamae: Acquit Yukari Mihamae.

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