research survey: understanding koreatown youth attitudes toward lgbt issues

Just passing along this survey for folks in Los Angeles... Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (KIWA) and API Quality-LA are conducting a joint research project on the attitudes Koreatown youth have towards gays and lesbians: Understanding Koreatown Youth Attitudes Toward LGBT Issues.

They're looking for folks between the ages of 13 and 24 who live in Koreatown, Los Angeles to take an online survey. It will help KIWA and API Equality better understand the views of Koreatown youth and how those views are formed.

Take the survey here. It shouldn't take longer than ten minutes to complete, and it will allow KIWA and API Equality-LA to help the Los Angeles community more effectively in the future. Also, if you know anyone who fits the description, pass along the link to them.

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