a very harold and kumar 3d christmas teaser trailer

They're baaaaaack. After some time away to make Star Trek and work at the White House, respectively, John Cho and Kal Penn return in the highly-anticipated third installment of the popular stoner comedy series, A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. Yes, they're celebrating the holidays, and yes, they're celebratin' in three dimensions. Yahoo! Movies just dropped the brand-smokin' new teaser trailer. Take a look:

There are about 20-30 different things about this trailer that are just wrong on so many levels... which means they are just right for a Harold and Kumar movie. These movies have never given a crap about offending anyone's sensibilities -- why should they start bothering with that now? If you weren't keeping score, the trailer features, among other things:

Kumar smoking out.

An epic game of beer pong.

Funny costumes.

Harold getting stuck.

Bobby Lee, demonstrating the full effect of 3D.

Claymation Harold and Kumar.

Jesus and friends.

Harold shooting Santa Claus in the face.

Kumar punching out the Pope.

And of course, Neil Patrick Harris.

And I didn't even mention the part about the toddler getting high. Say what you will about these movies -- they're crass, silly, and disgusting... and I love them. It's been a while, and it'll be fun to see these guys back at it. A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas opens in theaters everywhere on November 4.

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